Bookish tropes that i find annoying


I love to criticize, what can I say?


Finding your soul mate at 16

Now I’m not saying that that’s impossible and that might happen to some people but a lot of the times I feel like it’s the ‘first love’ and not really a long lasting thing, cause you’re too young man.


Teenagers realizing their inner power or gift at 16 and immediately being awesome at it

Look, I’m almost 17 and I can’t even handle getting up early, how can people save worlds, please teach me. Even overlooking the getting your magic at 16 cliché, how are they good at it after like two three failed tries? Sorry not how it works.


Many guys falling in love with the heroine

Remember that book where no one talked to the heroine and now she’s with the hero and there’s 3 other guys maybe the hero’s friend or brother too who are in love with the heroine? Yeah most of the books I’ve read and it’s just annoying. Hey remember the nerd no one bothered to talk to? Well she’s hot and talented you should fall in love with her.


Hero who sleeps with anything but never dates until she comes along

This is self-explanatory and I’m sorry little girls and even me until a point ago believed in that, that’s not real most of the time.


Side characters who are only meant to remind our protagonist of doing something big

I don’t mind some advice or talks but how cliché is it that in 90% of the books, everything is going to fall apart and this one side character who we barely see talks to our heroine and someone to the hero and all of a sudden they realize oh I need to do this. Yeah thanks.


Pretty heroine who doesn’t realize she’s pretty until our hero walks in

Do you look at yourself in the mirror? God its such a damsel in distress thing to do! Like freaking own your beauty and if you are good looking why not go and flaunt it instead of being insecure about it to a point where it’s just stupid?

Also the point where they do realize it is catching up to the third point where everyone suddenly falls in love with her.


Girl who has no other job but hate the heroine

Like seriously? I love myself some drama but this one rich bitch who has decided to make the heroines life hell because the hero took interest in her is getting old now. Oh , she makes the heroine insecure and question their love too.

Being BFFs with the heroine to get close to her brother

Trust me, I’ve read and DNFd a lot of books having this point like I don’t understand how you can be the best friends with someone just to get to someone else. I understand wanting to or even being friends with someone for that but after a while it has to become nothing or real for you to be BFFs for years.

Everyone finding love in one friend circle

Why does the heroine’s BFF have to fall In love with their mutual friend or the hero’s friend or brother like why does it have to be one inner circle full of couples, that does not happen!!

The heroine not being like ‘other girls’

Look I get that you feel differently about her and that she’s it for you and she’s probably different than those girls you hooked up with and you might find something special in her but you obviously haven’t had much experience with decent girls.

What are some tropes that you hate?



8 thoughts on “Bookish tropes that i find annoying

  1. I agree with so many of these!! Esp. the ‘Girl who has no other job but hate the heroine’ and ‘Pretty heroine who doesn’t realize she’s pretty until our hero walks in’ and ‘Everyone finding love in one friend circle’ – if i encounter any of these in a book I will actually roll my eyes. Especially the ugly duckling doesn’t-realise-she’s-pretty thing… it’s SO cliché, and also so unrealistic.

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