Reading in one siting or over days?

So I’m a heavy binge romance reader and most of the romance novels I read, I finish them in almost two- three sittings and maximum in two days. Obviously that’s because im currently living the longest vacation of my life but even usually I tend to give all my free time up to that and I love it.

It’s that feeling of being so involved and because you’ve been reading it non stop, the book seems to take over your life and when you get to the climax, it’s that hyper feeling that takes over your life and your body and I love that!

Two years ago when I had morning school, I used to wake up at 6 and read for half an hour before going to school and all through the five hours of school , I would be thinking about the last thing I read and imagining what will happen (god forbid I just read the climax and had to stop cause that’s happened and it’s not cool) and then I finally get home with all the anticipation and eagerness to get to the book. When I finally read what happens (after having played a hundred scenarios in my brain by then), I don’t think I’ve ever been that in love with reading.

With binge reading, a lot of the times the book gets over too fast and even though you love it, I feel like unless the books is A plus, I don’t remember all of it (the names too sometimes for which im guilty) because there isn’t much time to process it – its there for you to get with. There are so many books which I read over days or a week and because the book was on my mind for so long, I feel like I remember it properly. I hate that I cant remember all the books because at that point, I enjoyed it so much and maybe that is why I still binge read because it gives me so many feelings all at one point and I love that.

I don’t necessarily read fantasy books in a day or any other genre for that matter of fact and I cant decide which one is better – or if any is. This was just me stating my opinions on binge reading, what do you prefer?



19 thoughts on “Reading in one siting or over days?

  1. Great question! Cool blog, going to follow you… as for the reading Q… I tend to max out at 2 hours unless it’s an amazing book. I’ll either switch to another one or stop for the day. Mostly so I an absorb the book and think about what’s happened.

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  2. I used to binge read and go to work with 1-2 hours sleep. I did that with Twilight and Black Dagger Brotherhood. In fact, I would read at stoplights and everything.
    Now, if I read more than 4 straight books in row, I start nitpicking the writing. So I try not to read more than 3 books in a row from the exact Same genre. I may read 2 New adult, then I have to switch to PNR, then I may do a Historical romance, then an m-m, then a Contemporary romance.
    But I try not to do more than 3 in a row from the same.

    Because I mostly listen to audiobooks, I usually listen at 1.5 speed or even 2x speed if the narrator talks slow. Result: I almost always finish a book in a day or two.

    Outlander by Diana Galbadon took me 5 days because it was 38hour

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    1. Oh man I have no idea how you did that. It’s happened to me some times and I’ve even finished books at like 2-3 am and I cannot sleep after that.
      I get what you’re saying, I never usually read the same genre over n over. Never heard an audiobook here, are they good? I tried once but they’re distracting.

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  3. I used to binge-read a lot more, but now I don’t for some reason… I guess because I often read late at night and am simply to tired to continue at some point, but also because I love audiobooks and it’s almost impossible to binge on an audiobook in one or two days due to the length, and also the fact that at some point after several hours of it I just need a break from listening (though on long train/plane trips I have managed to listened to a whole audiobook in one or two days!).

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  4. I’m not really a romance reader but I can binge read a fantasy or science fiction like nobody’s business lol! This is, of time allows it. Unfortunately books usually take me a couple days due to wife/mother/employee duties 🙂

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  5. I’m similar to you actually, romance novels I binge and normally read in 2/3 sittings over one or two days. (I can’t do one sitting though because of concentration problems I have). With Fantasy though I take it slower, there is always much more to digest, more characters, bigger world’s, more going on, and a 500 page book will take me about four days to get through. Sometimes a bit longer.

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      1. They sure are! And if you’re reading the physical book not Kindle they are really heavy! I’ve smashed a few in my face reading at night, those are bruises you don’t want! 😂

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