A Court Of Wings And Ruins- Spoiler Discussion

A Court Of Wings and Ruin

This post contains spoilers about the book so if you haven’t read it and don’t want to spoil it for yourself, i won’t suggest going ahead.

Sarah J Maas just loves to toy with her readers’ feelings, I have no doubt of that. This book had me feeling all kinds of emotions possible and more which I couldn’t even understand this story- woah I don’t even know where to start.

The book begins with Feyre back at the Spring Court just after ACOMAF ended, turning everyone in the court against Tamlin. With the High Lord in a bargain with Hybern, manipulative priestess, Ianthe, instigating him, the court was anyways in a doom. Weaving everyone in a web of lies, Feyre leaves the court haywire- kind of rebelling amongst themselves in a way that I could have never imagined.

I love her confidence in this book ,especially as the High Lady- she did the job as though she was born to be one. She has grown stronger and smarter, even more regal and powerful than before. She and Rhys become the best team ever, both equals and compromising.

Rhys is just such a darling and a sweetheart and sexy and mesmerizing and I don’t have words and words to say about him because those are feelings that I cant describe. I admire him for all the strength he gives everyone and always pushes Feyre to do better and do what she wants. He is selfless and ready to do anything to save his friends which is nerve wrecking but heart warming at the same time. 

I was also expecting him to lose his mind and be over overjoyed when Feyre was back but he was so calm. Maybe it was a facade to not have Feyre stressed out but no it was just a little too calm. I am honestly at a loss of words here so lets just continue with the Archeron sisters.

I didn’t understand why everyone loved Nesta in ACOMAF, I hated her for being a bitch and how she treated Feyre- especially not giving her the love of a sister that Elain got and rather treating her as inferior and un important but I was looking forward to hopefully seeing something good in this book and I did. For the most part of the book I was angry at Feyre for being good to Nesta despite how mean Nesta was, for the inner circle to keep her and especially for Cassian- the love of my life was not her mate. But ¾ into the book, I started liking her, she’s such a stern and strong character and I admire how despite all the circumstances, she held her own and didn’t scum and get scared (unline Elain who just, like I get that she’s a flower and softer but there’s a time that you just need to toughen yourself up. But I’m not complaining about it too much). I even came to like her and Cassian which was a big thing too. I really really like their story. They have such a sexual tention and anger and chemistry and I love love Cassian with her and how she slowly lets him in. By the end of the book, I ended up liking her more than I did Elain, she did redeem herself.

Talking about Cassian- him and Elain, like what the actual NO NO NO. I don’t even think I would have liked her and Lucien if it wasn’t for Lucien being so taken by her. I so appreciate Lucien for being wise and choosing the fair side, he was so heroic to get the courage to go against Tamlin & be some place he always saw as his rival place and devoted to getting Elain to give him a chance.

If I like cassian before, I fucking love him now. Like he is the love of my life, he’s sweet and laid back but also serious when he needs to be and he’s funny and so compassionate. It broke my heart when Feyre came back and he was angry at her for leaving them like Rhys did and didn’t know what would happen.

Tamlin is  a complicated character. I feel a little bad for him because despite his mountain of bad choices, he did really love Feyre and Lucien has been his best friend and he did do some really good things for both of them- even when he saved Feyre in this book, so it sucks that he had to lose his two closest people and also his court. But that doesn’t forgive him for being who he is and aligning with Hybern in the start and Ianthe but he also did put his hate for Feyre aside and helped in bringing Rhysand back and I do not hate him anymore- not like him but not hate him either.

All this book , I kept waiting for Mor and Azriel to end up together.
And Amren sacrificing herself and unleashing herself was justARGH. And she becomes a fae holyyy.

I loved the other characters, Nuala and Cerridwen and all the other High Lords and their families, the priestess, Jurian, Miryam & Drakon even Eris and the Queen Vassa. Everyone played such an important role and I applaud Jurian and Queen Vassa so so much.

I kind of feel like this book was a small let down. This book has been anticipated with excitement and expectation and hyped up for so long, I was expecting so much unearthly and life shattering from this book and even though this book was mind boggling, that void was there.

The ending was a let down, it seemed basic and everything was happy and good, no one died- not only the innercircle but all the high lords and their families and everyone’s friends, everyone was happy and things just fit into place perfectly. Now I am not complaining about everyone I love being alive but it wasn’t a surprise. Elain also killed the king of Hyberb and that was a nice plot twist, I liked how she was shown to become a little tougher but it’s quite silly when she couldn’t even hold the dagger in the start that she’d just go kill the king with it. 

When Rhys ‘died’, I was sobbing, I was but a part of me knew that she wont let Rhys died, neither will she Cassian so nothing broke my heart and shattered my world.

Also, Mor is bi and that was just randomly thrown on us. It was supposed to be a surprise but that was so weirdly placed, it didn’t make sense, it didn’t feel like Morrigan and personally I feel like there was no need to do that. Sarah tried to make the characters diverse but all throughout the series, she has made us believe in Azriel and Morrigan and the reason why Mor won’t take him and lead him on for 500 years is that she is more into girls just doesn’t fit properly according to me.

Something else that didn’t add up was Feyre’s father coming to the war with the army of the queen out of no where like how did he even get to know that something like this was going on?

The book itself is fast paced and with many many surprises but nothing that left me mind screwed or tormented like so many things in ACOMAF.

I did really like the role of The Weaver, The Bone Caver and Bryaxis and the suriel ( it broke my heart when the suriel died). I also love the fact that Feyre at last got the love and companionship of her sisters. As always, I absolutely love all the characters, Sarah has done a great job of presenting them and they feel like family to me. I love their banters and arguments, the jokes and their conversations and its something I really love about Sarah’s writing.

I loved how everyone united against Hybern and it was amazing to read how they fought the king off.

I have to say that I loved this book on the level of which I loved ACOTAR, ACOMAF blew my mind away and this book didn’t match that all up but like I ofcourse loved and enjoyed this book to the core.

I would though do anything to be in the Inner Circle, man I love those people.



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