Dreams Of Gods and Monsters ( Daughter Of Smoke and Bone #3)



I didn’t have the best opinion on Days of Blood and Starlight of but after a lot of pestering from Saumya @sammybookzelot, I finally picked it up because I didn’t hate the second book so what’s the harm? And I’m so glad I did!

This book definitely changed my opinion on the series, I loved this book! It was plot filled, action packed and kept you guessing what’s gonna happen through out the book.

This is going to be a discussion review so if you haven’t read the book and don’t want to be spoiled, I’d suggest you don’t read ahead.

The book starts with Jael entering the Earth causing a chaos everywhere and Karou and Akiva lead their armies together to fight him off. Ziri is now leading the chimera in the white wolf , Thiago’s body and I have a new level of respect for him because he did that despite not liking Thiago to help Karou and he did such a good job!

Mic and Zuzana, my human heros join them on this adventure too, starving and freezing (and Liraz keeping them warm while they sleep is everything).

Karou and Akiva, oh my goodness they fill my heart with so much love and warmth. Even when they weren’t together, you could so easily feel this sense of belonging and their souls just being together. Their love story is so real and infinite lasting through lifetimes- whaaat. I feel like I didn’t like DOBAS more because DOSAB was all about their relationship so I’d come to expect that and DOBAS didn’t have that and there wasn’t as much in this book either but it was perfect. They didn’t reconnect immediately, it was gradually and slowly and it felt right and when they got together in their home – it just felt like it was meant to happen and natural.

Alsoooo I can’t deny that Akiva being jealous of Karou and Thiago made me swoon and you guys that’s just my guilty pleasure.

I’m a sucker for fantasy and aliens and parallel universe and of course we see different worlds in fantasy books but this one has Eretz which is present along with Earth, so there could be some other world and maybe even Karou and Akiva up there and that is so cool! (If some unearth creatures with wings land on earth guys, they’re not angels please don’t believe that).

Can I please have Zuzana in my life? She’s so bubbly and hilarious but loving and so so sweet! And her and Mic get married!! Whatt it just yesterday that she was crushing on him but I can so see it happening, these two guys are made for each other.

Talking about made for each other, who saw Ziri and Liraz coming? It was shocking but I found myself instantly shipping them; the brave solider who longs for love and the badass angel who believes she’s cold hearted but in reality wants someone to care about her. I was so happy when they found each other, I could cry! Laini needs to write a book for them.

And all the plot twists! The chimera and misbegotten working together makes me feel like the world can be a peaceful place like that filled my heart up and I’m so happy they can all be friends and have a large community together.

Oh and when they all fought together- my heart my heart!

I even liked Eliza a lot by the end. Actually I did in the starting too but a lot of the times her parts just made me want to skip ahead because they always came in middle of important Karou’s story chapters. She saved them in the end too and I want to read more about her story.

There’s not every book that makes me want to desperately read more about the side characters but Laini is just talented.

Razgut- look I feel a little bad for him because he’s been hated all his life and no one actually tried to listen to him (as he mentioned all his sad life in a chapter) but why did he have to go to that monster Jael( who I hope rots in hell) . We could’ve saved so much trouble (but this book won’t have been there), I just still hope good for him.

The ending was absolutely perfect and if you haven’t read this book or series , I highly recommend you to do so! 



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