Worth the wait

Worth the wait

-Claudia Conner

I’d only read great reviews about this book and so when I got a little out of my comfort zone because of their ages, I tried a little and kept reading and thank god I did. I loved this book so much , its one of the books with such a true and deep and long lasting life altering romances argh lets just get to it.

So Nick became the father to his three teenage brothers and a two year sister at the age of nineteen after their parents died In a car crash. His sister wouldn’t stay alone and none of the brothers were responsible enough so Nick ends up taking Hannah with him to university and I mean what else do girls need than a hot guy with a baby? He was extremely over protective of the little girl who adored him and he didn’t have time for any one else until Mia comes around and in the blink of an eye they were best friends and Mia adored Hannah almost as much as Nick did. In another blink of an eye, Mia and Nick the best friends became Mia and Nick the in seperateable couple. They survived university and a six year long distance relationship for years until when they were this close ti having it all, this one crash broke them apart.

This book, fuck, this book has so many feelings and heartbreak and loss. It’s got passion and true love and so much tenderness. Like you can feel how much they are made to be throughout the years! This is a second chance romance which lapses over almost thirty years but never once did it feel too long or too fast.

Nick Walker found his one and only when he was just nineteen.

Found her.
Loved her.
Lost her.

It’s been ten years since Nick watched Mia walk out of his life. Ten years of pain and regret. Now he will do anything to win her back.

But it won’t be easy…

I love how Nick didn’t end up becoming the best big brother and saved his family and that just as it was falling down, Mia swooped in and became the back bone of the family. Like don’t get me wrong, I enjoy such books but its always a breath of fresh air to read something real. No , he didn’t end up saving this brothers and his little sister and Mia wasn’t the knight in shinning armor too all of them. It was real. What they had was so so true and I swear everyone’s heart broke when that one tragedy broke them apart.

But ten years later, they meet again, holding close the love they never lost added to more deep sorrows and seeing a new possible beginning- a second chance at their fairytale and they won’t let it slide by again.

Ive been a mess of words all this while so because I can’t put It in words just take my word for this because this is the truest form of love ive seen without ant clichés.

Nick. Let me just take a moment and internally gush about this big guy taking care and tying pigtails for his little sister and loving loving her. Despite being forced into it, he is the epitome of a good and responsible, sweet and caring and swoon worthy guy. All his life he has given his heart to the two most important girls in his life and I love how devoted he is. Also, you’d think that once Hannah is all grown up , he wont have the sexy daddy vibe right? Uh its Nick, now he has the sexy man with a gun, FBI vibe.

I love Mia, she’s such a strong and brave heroine after having been though so much. She was Nick’s pillar of strength and Nick was hers. She’s loving and I adore how easily she took Hannah as her own and looked after her with no expectations and when something happened to her, it wasn’t only Nick that was hurt too. But after the tragic event, her life has been all sorts of shit but in the end, she never stopped loving Nick.

Something I also loved about this book and why it makes the book so pure is that there is no ex or other person drama involved. Its always about the two of them and I so appreciate that. Also, when they meet again, it wasn’t a slow chase with Mia closing off to Nick and Nick not giving up on her blab la- no, it was two people who always had each others back coming together without any complaints. They had each others backs so thoroughly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mia or Nick had run to the other if needed during their time apart.  I have no idea if its just the after book effects but ill even go as far to say that Nick and Mia’s romance can become one of the classic tales of love.



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