I’ve not read the HP series and why that’s okay.

Yes, people like me exist. No, we’re not unicorns ๐Ÿ˜› Before all of you start attacking me in the comments please hear me out. My love for reading started by reading The Mystery Series by Enid Blyton and the likes of Ladybird classics at the age of 11. I was always excited to read new novels from the start and my mom encouraged my reading habit even further. She would recommend me books I’d not heard of or known and I was so intrigued by them that at the age of 13 or so I was reading books by Jeffery Archer, Harper Lee, Robin Cook and the likes. Most of my reading was influenced by what my mom recommended me or what i picked up at the bookstores which were mostly indie contemporary novels. So by the time I actually discovered the internet and found goodreads,book blogs and tumblr I was already too late to read all those childhood classics which people around the world had already esteemed as the holy grail of books, Harry Potter. And that for me put a lot of pressure on a series to be regarded as THE BEST BOOK of all time. As I grew up my tastes varies and I diverged into YA, romance and mystery genres. My taste still remains within this realm so to now start reading a classic childhood series feels…too childish? Another reason is that people have hyped this book so much everywhere that I’m afraid it won’t match my expectations and lead to disappointment. I have a theory that the more you hype a book the worse it actually is and its been tested by me. I’ve read countless romance and and dystopian novels that have been marked as ย “MUST READ” or “OMG THIS WAS THE BEST BOOK” blah blah and that just makes the book less read-worthy in my head because I’ve already set a bar of expectation subconsciously try as a I might not to. and that book is never able to match that. So even if the book might be amazing as it is the hype just kills all chance of me liking the book. Also social media is such a bad place for spoilers, I mean i basically know the whole story in gist and glimpses and all the big “plot twists” so if i were to read the book now there wouldn’t be an element of oh i’m excited to find out what’s gonna happen next but more for the writing and word building. And frankly I feel this book is targeted towards 11-14 years old and the writing would be juvenile? Maybe not but its not tempting to start a 7 part series when I could be reading books I’m actually excited to read and intrigued by instead of just checking of a must read on the ultimate bibliophile tbr list. In conclusion, I don’t think I’ll be reading the HP series anytime soon unless someone holds me at gunpoint to do it (which I’m sure some of y’all must be dying to lol).

Comment below and let me know if you have/have not read the HP series and what you thought of it?


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22 thoughts on “I’ve not read the HP series and why that’s okay.

  1. Yes I’m not saying its only for young kids and adults dont read it but I’m persobally just not really interested in it and don’t see myself enjoying the genre now as much as I would’ve when I was say 11 or 12 which is when most people read HP.
    (Was the latter part of your reply for me?? )


  2. I have a confession, I’ve never read the Lord of the Rings trilogy, not even The Hobbit (nor have I watched the movies), however, I did read and enjoy the HP series as an adult.

    There are so many books out there – I have over a thousand on my Kindel – it gets difficult at times to decide what to read next (I’m currently reading Lilac Girls, The Art Forger, Lincoln in the Bardo, and the Graphic Novel Elves, plus listening toThe Electrifying Fall of Rainbow City. I just finished Truly Madly Gladly, A Love to Remember, and Flight of Dreams.) Yes, I read everything, even children’s books – you are never too old to revisit your childhood.

    You can live a full and productive life without Harry Potter, the question is: Do you want to? Don’t just avoid this book because you resist being one of many. And don’t worry if you know some of the big reveals – the books are chock full of small reveals to keep your interest. In fact, I read the series more than once to try and catch some of those “trivial” details.

    If you’ve read my reviews you will know I am brutal in my criticism, however, I heartily recommend HP. If you don’t want to take the time to read the series, try the audiobooks. They are fantastic.

    “Books! They are just what the doctor ordered.”
    Happy Reading

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    1. Wow thats a lot of books! Yes of course I dont doubt that they would be amazing but I feel that its targeted towards younger kids and I wouldn’t have that same thrill or nostalgia that people associate it with as well as I find it hard to get into a hyped book so by the end im alwaya disappointed and I dont want HP to receive the same fate.
      I hope that cleared it up a bit๐Ÿ˜Š
      Happy reading to you too!


      1. Even books written specifically for children have adult overtones (and I don’t believe the Harry Potter series was supposed to be for young children – it’s definitely too complex).

        If you really want some “tough stuff” try Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov – definitely not for children or Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier – the original psychological thriller.

        As far as YA – I really enjoyed Gemini by Sonja Mukherjee – about conjoined teenagers, and the first book in an SF trilogy, Illuminae by Anne Kaufman – I was disappointed it wasn’t more popular.

        And what would I do if I won the Lottery, well, remember the Library in Beauty and the Beast . . . .


  3. I have not read any of the Harry Potter series, neither have I seen any of the movies for that matter. I have only seen the first Star Wars Movie. Loved loved Enid Blyton by the way. One of my absolute favorites while growing up has to J.R Tolkien “The” Hobbit” “Lord of the Rings” etc. I don’t fill pressured by society, what’s popular, what’s a “must read”. I read what I want when I want and what I ‘m in the mood for. Sometimes it’s a murder mystery, another time a biography or maybe I’m in the mood for some romance. I read to satisfy my needs not anyone else’s.


  4. I started reading with the famous five series by Enid Blyton and I’m so glad to find a fellow Blyton fan. I do love Harry Potter books although I didn’t read them as a child. Infact, I read them 3 years back or so. Having said that, I don’t think everyone needs to read it. If it’s not something you’re interested in, that’s totally fine. There are many popular series that I haven’t read like the hunger games, the divergent series etc. And I couldn’t care less about what people say ๐Ÿ˜

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  5. Ah I get where you’re coming from. I’ve found some adults struggle to read the series, because it is childishly written. that said, the world building is excellent and it is a lot of fun. I tend to be more balanced about the series as a whole, and (even though this will anger a lot of people) don’t think it’s the best series of all time- I hope that takes the pressure off at least a little ๐Ÿ˜‰ But even if you don’t read it- it’s no biggie! As someone else in the comments said, Narnia is better- and you read (what I would consider) better classics as a child anyway (Oh boy- I hope no diehard Potterheads read my comment- they will skin me alive!)

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  6. I personally think it’s the best series I’ve ever read. Hands down. But does everyone need to read it? No! If it’s not for you then that’s ok! I didn’t plan to read them. I was older when they were released and thought it was too childish. But in my early 20’s I gave in. I didn’t find them childish at all. I found them magical (no pun intended). But would I look down on someone because they didn’t read it. Never in a million years! Read what you like and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your choices!

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  7. I actually haven’t read HP either… well, except for the first book. I think it’s ok to not have read a book that is everyone seems to love. Whatever your Interested in reading is what you should read and no one should be able to fault you for that.

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      1. I did enjoy it. I wanted to continue with the series as a fun wizarding adventure, but I’m not sure if I continued that the series would become one of my all time favorites, but like I said the first book was fun to read.

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  8. I would not say this is the best series ever created! It’s great and imaginative and If you do have a mind to read it, you will find that the further into the series you go, the darker and more mature the writing and story are which made the series far more appealing to an adult reader. I think it’s wonderful that you read the classics as a kid first. People just don’t do that anymore and though I’m sure the HP series will be considered classic at some point, it is not classical literature.

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  9. I agree that it’s okay to not read what everybody else is reading because not everybody has the same taste when it comes to books. I’ve been reading books all my life but I just started HP Series and I’m at the third book now. No matter what everybody else says, Narnia Chronicles is still the best Children’s Book Series for me. โ˜บ๐Ÿ“šโค

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