So I went into this book thinking it was going to be dark and screwed up like Tears of Tess or Captive In The Dark and this book wasn’t exactly like that. It obviously had a similar plot and world but Lucas was anything but that world and although not expected- I ended up loving the book.

Briar was only weeks away from her marriage- and although she has had a hard past with her parents, she was loved and cherished. Her life changes when she covered a shift for her friend- who unlike Briar had a hard life with no loved ones, and was mistakenly kidnapped for her friend, only to be bought at an auction by Lucas Holt.

Briar was Lucas’ first ‘girl’ in the world he was just recently (well three years ago) bought into. The world where men buy women and keep them in their house as ‘theirs’ and the number one rule is to not care for them- a rule Lucas didn’t much care about after seeing Briar. Unlike his beliefs, this wasn’t Lucas’ world and he soon understood that as he felt himself losing himself in Briar and giving himself to her when he should’ve all but broken her. And Briar found herself falling in love with the man she all but wanted to hate- her devil, her captor- but he isn’t the nightmare he shows to be, he is rather living it.

I adore Briar- she is everything I look for in a heroine- she’s smart and loving, she’s so strong but also vulnerable , she’s smart mouthed and stands up for herself but she also knows when to keep her ego (if I could call it that) aside. I adore how she loves Lucas all past his several faults and doesn’t leave him despite the hundred chances he gave her.

Lucas, man I love him(with a big emphasis on love). He is such a tortured anti- hero with a past full of dreads and nightmares, he is the devil but he’s so much more than that, cause despite having to do all the things he did to make him one, he’s a good person and he’s caring and so selfless with Briar (which was annoying a lot of times). I adore how he adored Briar and how devoted he was to her- she was his life, like end of the story like ‘you die- I die’ and I cherish that so much, I love what they had and I love how they loved each other.

But there is something Lucas is hiding, which can ultimately save them? Or kill them.

This book wasn’t dark and it didn’t really follow the aspect of slavery and BDSM but it was raw and real and showed a love created in the worst of all circumstances and I loved this book.

What does Blackbird mean? Its really sweet and I’ll leave for you to read and find out.



Song for the book:-




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