-Kylie Scott


Lydia has never had much of a family with her parents always busy and no permanent friends with the frequent moving. So when she meets this really sweet guy who gives her all his attention and spoils her a little, she’s ready to settle in with him. Her dreams are all shattered on her wedding day when she sees a video of her fiancé kissing his best man, so she does what every reasonable bride would do- run away, literally. Leaving the party and jumping over a fence, she ends up in the neighbors house where she jumped in from a window and once settled in the shower, had her breakdown.

That’s well until she hears some one pee and then the curtain is opened to a willy she can’t not look at.

Vaughan had his dream of being in a band but when that band breaks up, he has to return to his childhood home and face the fact that his parents are dead and he all but almost lost contact with his sister and best friends. So finding a runaway bride in his shower isn’t something he was expecting,

I love this book! Lydia is so sarcastic and funny, she’s cool and laid back but also so caring and emotional. She’s definitely become one of my favorite lead heroines , maybe because I can relate to a lot of her nature and she’s just awesome okay.

I love how Vaughan becomes her rock and she his. He is just the sweetest guy with this deep mix of charming guy and alpha male.

I love how when ever they’re near, he’s always cupping her neck or kissing her forehead.

Even though they’ve known each other for only a couple of days, it seems like a lifetime. They’re so comfortable with each other, even if it’s talking about how much he is obsessed with her boobs(which he feels her on their literal second conversation) I talking about their deepest darker at secrets.

These two broken people fall in love I’m just a week and what an amazing ride it was. They had literally the best connection and chemistry and man the sex like wow.

I also loved Vaughan’s sister and his best friend, Nell and Pat’s drama and I cannot wait wait wait to read their story.


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25671827-dirty


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