The One Man


The One Man

-Andrew Gross

Now this wasn’t the kind of fiction books that I usually read so when my father couldn’t stop raving about this book he read, I was like well there’s nothing wrong in giving it a try right? And thank the heavens I did because this book was phenomenal.

This historical thriller is set in 1944, during the World War II and follows a rescue mission to bring a precious scientist, Alfred Mendel, from the Nazi camp. An electromagnetic physics professor and the only man apart from the one working for the Nazi who knew how to make an atom bomb, Alfred Mendel spent his whole life searching for all the information he had- but he was old now and something had to be done before he started to lose his memory.

After the murder of his family, Nathan Blum escaped Poland and ended up working as an intelligence lieutenant for the US government but he wanted to do more- to help more and avenge his family. So when the offer arrives to go on a one man death mission to the Nazi camp back in Auschwitz and find and escape with the professor in three days- he agrees.

It was hard for me to get into a little bit because of the new kind of writing style, plot and n number of characters but I flew through the last 200/250 pages like anything.

This book was all kinds of mind blowing with twists and turns I couldn’t expect. The story is creative and intriguing full of suspense and engrossing and just overall fantastic. It even focuses on the way of living in the camps and the cruelty and harshness of it and some parts, which he later told us in the Author’s Note have been taken from real events. All the several characters were so fascinating and I loved reading their stories and loved loved loved how all the small sequences and different POVs ended up merging together in the end.

Something else that I loved was that I had no idea what to expect in the book or the ending what so ever. With most books you know that’ oh theyre not gonna kill him or her’ but with this one I was so un sure and that was nerve wrecking let me tell you.

I rated the book 5/5 stars and also told my father to let me lend his books from now on because if all books that I refused to read until now are like this- I need more.



Song for the book:-

(literally a song I came across a couple of days ago and the intensity matches so well with the book!)


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