Crash, Clash and Crush

Crash ,Clash and Crush

-Nicole Williams

After seeing this book on most goodreads lists, I finally picked It up and flew through both books in a day and a half and I enjoyed it so much.

So Crash follows the story of Lucy who’s family after the death of her brother and losing a big part of their money has turned into nothing but a father who ignores the world and a mother who hates the world- and according to Lucy, her( Lucy) too. The only thing that keeps her sane and gives her peace is ballet which she has known before she even started walking. But its summer vacation and Lucy is all about having some fun so when she sees this really good looking guy on the beach, she is anything but subtle about wanting to get to know him- and boy she does.

Life has never been good to Jude Ryder, with his father in jail and mother bailing on him, living in an awful boys home for the past year and not having anyone in his life he can trust, he’s all but a shell of an angry person- until his destiny comes along and he will do everything in his power to be the man for her.

I loved the connection that Lucy and Ryder have and even though they’re young and they haven’t been together for long (in Clash), there is absolutely no doubt that they are meant to be. They are each others- for Jude the only family and support and partners and not even a million fights (oh boy weren’t there many) and other people can keep them away.

Lucy has no doubt become one of my favorite female leads- she’s stubborn and stern and doesn’t take anyone’s shit. She’s also sweet and loving and so strong, I really admire her. Well she also was frustrating with her doubts about Jude and not trusting him when all he did was try to prove his love to her but I do understand why she did what she did, it’s still a little annoying.

Jude, man this guy is the epitome of anti hero with a bad past who is an alpha and has possessive and anger issues but deep down he is a teddy bear and has a heart of gold. And when such guys fall in love man, it is phenomenal and maybe that is why I like to read about anti hero alpha males because when they love someone , they give their everything and they are so devoted- just like Jude was. He didn’t see anyone but Luce and he would do anything for her.

There was a lot of drama in this book so drama suckers like me will enjoy it to the core of their heart. I loved how sweet but tragic it is, a little cliché too but that’s okay.

Rating- 4/5



Song for the book:- Tonight by Kings Of Leon (I don’t think this song really portrays the book but its been in my head all the while while reading the book).



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