Twenty years of love.

When I finished reading Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone, I was eleven years old and in a public place. So I reached the end and just sat there staring at the book in awe and stupefaction and I was approached by this old man who sat next to me and said something in the lines of, ‘hasn’t your life changed now?’ – and it had. I looked at him in wonder and told him how mind blowing the book was and before I even knew, this eleven year old kid was having a deep conversation with this old man about how stupendous this book was and all the ins and outs of it and it was phenomenal.

Today, it’s been twenty years since we were all taken by ‘the boy who lived’. Twenty years since this generation grew up living Harry Potter. Twenty years since wizards and witches and muggles and house elves and just pure love & bliss.

It was living on the edge as Harry, Hermione and Ron put themselves into the most hazardous situations or shedding tears and love for Dobby and Sirius and Fred.

It was hating Dolores Umbridge and Lucius and Snape or wanting to shred Voldemort to pieces. It was detesting Draco Malfoy but secretly liking him (siriusly, I love him) or wanting Dumbledore and Hagrid to always be your guardian angel. It was waking up in the middle of the night because you just had to finish the book and not going to school. It was suddenly finding out about Pottermore and being nothing but freaking over joyed to find your house and being low key happy about being sorted in the same house as Draco or cursing Avada Kedavra when someone annoys me.

I grew up with Harry Potter and so did many others and it’s been years since that and forbid me if harry potter hasn’t just become more loved and awed and still keeps changing people’s lives.

It’s been twenty years but Hogwarts is still there to welcome me home.

You Know Who,

(still waiting for her letter) Avi.


8 thoughts on “Twenty years of love.

  1. This is lovely! I read the first book at the same age. My mum bought it for me because she had heard it was popular in the UK — I think Chamber of Secrets had just been released at that point. I wasn’t too interested initially, but I picked it up and it blew my eleven-year-old mind! I shared it with all my friends and classmates and Harry Potter fever struck my school. Having a heroine like Hermione, the first book character I had read who was truly like me, was life-changing.

    I’m still waiting on my Hogwarts letter (my owl obviously lost its way). I’ll be a 29-year-old first year, but I don’t mind.

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    1. That is so cool! You must be like the Harry Potter queen in school haha but by the time I started it, the whole series was out but I wished I had the chance to live it year by year and not read each book after the other.
      Yes! I don’t think I ever connected a lot with Hermione but shes always been an inspiration – I’m glad she had such a big impact on you.
      Well if you get yours, please direct the owl towards me cause I’m sure it’s skipped me by mistake.

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