Pretty Little Liars Finale


Ok so this isn’t exactly a review. I don’t even know what it is but mostly me trying to clear my head about what happened and sharing it with you guys.

The post does contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched it and plan on (unless Twitter spoiled you- won’t be the first time), I won’t advise going ahead.

I remember spending a whole vacation two years ago binge watching Pretty Little Liars and that whole month revolved around the liars and then there were days of me looking forward to every Tuesday for a new episode. Basically , PLL has been a big part of my years and it’s making me way too emotional to even think of not getting to know any more of their story now.

So this episode has received a lot of negative criticism and I really don’t know how I feel about it. I mean look Charlotte was kind of a bummer so I wasn’t expecting something life changing but I was expecting something which would blow me away- possibly someone we knew ending up becoming AD but that didn’t happen.

AD was Spencer’s evil twin sister, Alex who

  • Dated Wren
  • Become BFF’s with Charlotte (she’s he
  • Came back with the sole purpose of avenging Charlotte
  • Wants to take Spencer’s place!

This twist definitely blew my mind and I kind of liked her backstory about loving Charlotte and wanting a family and friends like Spencer did and I absolutely loved the concept of her acting like Spencer but it was a little too late for that. It was just rushed and wow, the liars didn’t take more than an hour and a half to finally figure all of this out, including the fact that Spencer wasn’t Spencer.

SHE KILLED WREN!! What no! I loved him, that’s just awful.

Then there’s Jenna, the Jenna every body hates and the Jenna who hates everybody but all of a sudden she becomes the life saver (which I love her for) but why? What is her story? We don’t know.

Mona. What even? She’s still obsessed and playing with dolls but plot twist (not so much), they’re Alex and Mary (who were supposed to be in prison).

The ending with Adison and the same thing happening over again, they could have left it at the liars being happy and not make it so cliché god.

Also, what happened with Lucas? Where’s Jason? What was Jenna hiding? Why did she take Ezra into custody? How was Wren the twins’ dad if Alex killed him? Etc etc etc

On a happier note though, how adorable are these couples and friends oh my.I loved the starting and almost ending with Alison and Emily and their twins, Aria and Ezra getting married (my favorites!), Hanna and Caleb having a baby and Spencer and Toby getting their second chance at love. It was absolutely beautiful and I’m going to miss them so much, it’s unreal.

Also, someone mentioned how ‘two can keep a secret if one of them is dead’ makes so much sense now cause if Spencer was dead, no one would know! 

I think the plot was really good but it wasn’t gone administered well and it felt rushed and just suddenly thrown and taken away. Gosh I don’t know ok, what do you think?


(For real , that’s my initial)


26 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars Finale

  1. I wasn’t really impressed with the finale. The series were quite good from beginning but they started to mess up after the CECE reveal. And last 10 episodes, at the beginning were totally irrelevant. I am refering to the Addison episode. And at the end it was rushed. In finale episode nothing was really answered. They just threw reveal on our faces. Wasnt shocking at all. It was all predicted. So not happy.

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    1. Aaah yes I agree with you so much! There was this mysterious vibe and then after it was revealed that Cece was A , It was just stupid. And totally about the ending being rushed up, it was like ok this n this n this like no, don’t throw it all


  2. the episodes are really messed up… me and my group of friends started reading the pretty little liars book series and we were totally in love with it… but then we wanted to know mire so we started watching the series and its got all of our stomachs in a whirl and we have been curious on what happens next and for the past couple of weeks I have not been able to watch pll so I would love it if u posted more about it… tysm…visit my page sometime 🙂

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  3. Okay. I just watched this, and I’m not exactly sure how I feel. I thought the opening was hysterical. I’ve stayed away from spoilers so Spencer having an evil twin totally threw me for a loop. I loved that all the PLLs got their happy endings. I actually liked the Addison twist at the end, although I think doing a spinoff would be a big mistake. I hated both of Aria’s wedding dresses.I hated that Mike wasn’t even given a mention. I hated that poor Wren was killed by crazy Alex, and then there’s Mona. I loved how she turned the tables on Alex and Mary, but how did she spring them from prison and get them to France? So I guess I’m a tad conflicted. If I was grading this I’d give it a B.


    1. That is exactly me! I stayed away from the spoilers too and even tho I had a small idea about the evil twin, it was a big surprise for me but I still felt like it was just weirdly blurted out.
      I loved the starting and the ending and seeing them all happy made me cry haha. Totally agree with you about Wren and Mona! I didn’t get why Aria didn’t actually wear the first wedding dress haha, I didn’t hate any of those but they also didn’t make me want to get married.😂
      Same, how she got them out is still a mystery and some people saying she’s above AD, WTF? That just confuses me more.
      I thought writing a review would clear my thoughts up, it helped but I still don’t know how I feel thoroughly haha.

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  4. I WAS WONDERING WHEN SOMEONE WAS GOING TO DO A REVIEW FOR THIS. Anyways, I’m not a big PLL fan, I didn’t get super far in the show and eventually just gave up on it when I got super busy in the middle of the school year. Besides, I’m not that big for TV anyways (I’m weird I know). I also started How I Met Your Mother, Stranger Things, The Office, Thirteen Reasons Why. Did I finish any of them? Nope. Right now I’m actually doing pretty good with The Fosters (old I know), and I think it’s pretty good!

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      It’s hard to keep up with shows in the school year, that’s why I watched them in the vacation haha but i know how so many people find it ridiculous.
      That’s not weird, there was a time when I didn’t watch Tv for a year or two.
      I hope you keep up with The Fosters! (I still haven’t started it haha)

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  5. I gave up on the show years ago but I had read the books. However, due to that ending, and knowing that the show was going to be different, I was always curious as to the true identity of “A” or “AD” as the show called it in the end. I managed to find the main spoiler earlier and it really didn’t surprise me that they kept the twin plot, even if it was Spencer’s and not Ali’s twin.

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      1. I found that the show got too over-dramatic and ridiculous for my liking. And I only began watching it as I was going through a phase where I needed to watch everything I could find with Holly Marie Combs (Ella).

        Now I’ve realised it was a very long book series, I’m not sure if I read them all. From the last one I remember reading, Ally’s twin was ‘A’ but if there were more books then I could be wrong. To be fair, I found them a bit ridiculous too.

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      2. Hahahaha this is all kind of funny. Pretty Little Liars is kind of dramatic but more in a guilty pleasure way I feel like but obv everyone has different opinions.
        There are so many books and so thin like you could’ve combined it into a trilogy and made it easier for us. But it sucks that they weren’t good. Did the show deviate a lot in whatever part you’ve read?


      3. I know what you’re saying but I don’t really connect with drama like that.

        I only watched up to half of series 2 so I have no idea how much story out the books that they actually used. I’ve also gone blank on the details.

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  6. I watched it a few hours ago and OMG!!! I can’t believe they really played the twin part – again. Over the last few months, the theory of Spencer’s evil twin has been all over the internet. Then came the episode in which Spencer and Wren were at the airport. I found this scene so odd especially because Spencer was leaving her barn in the scene before. I said to my friend “If the twin theory is right and Spencer has an evil twin, then it was her!” and I was right! 😀
    But I can’t believe Wren is dead!! I loved him! That accent!! ❤ But how did he die? Did Alex kill him?

    Mona… Where to start… She's a genuis and master mind. The last scene was brilliant and hilarious at the same time. 😀

    And the scene in the beginning with Lucas dancing and Jenna riding on that horse?! 😀

    I didn't think about Jason, good point! Where was he? And where was Aria's brother? He was missing from the wedding. And Arias dress… Well both dresses were awful – at least I found them awful. 😀

    And yes, they should've left the last scene with Adison and her group of friends? Can we expect a spin-off now?! 😀

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    1. Aaah yes! I tried to stay away from theories as much as I can so that I’m even a wee bit surprised so I wasn’t that ‘oh I expected it’ when it came about but like I had heard a bit about Spencer’s evil twin. And yes; the Wren scene was so weird and plus Spencer- Wren? Nope that won’t happen again haha.
      His accent still has my heart like so hot ah and yes I believe so- and for what?! Absolutely Alex’s craziness and nothing else I feel so bad, I loved him.
      I think that scene was related to Toby knowing it wasn’t spencer because of the horse and Jenna calling him? Idk it was kind of funny.
      Look I didn’t get why Aria didn’t wear the actual large wedding dress at the wedding, I mean it didn’t go anywhere hahaha. And yes where was her brother? So much left off man.
      I don’t know about a spin off, I’ve heard many people say it could be but that would be the same story cause it went 360 degrees.


  7. Wait what?! How many people have twins?! I tried to continue with this show after Charlotte, but gave up, so I’m not really fussed about spoilers- I just have so much confusion after reading this!! (and dismay- why did Wren have to die??)

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    1. Yes, that was my exact thought, not a twin again! It got to a point where it wasn’t even believable anymore. And trust me, we’re all confused because so many things weren’t cleared up and it just sucks because come on the anticipation was so much.
      I was so upset Wren had to die and over what? Nothing but Alex being crazy.

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      1. I’m still confused about Mona, like she’s still in the game? Many people are calling her the winner or top of AD and I’m like what? Also how did she get Alex out of prison?
        I know his death for me so sad!


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