Dystopian Cliches that I Hate

I love dystopia and find it absolutely amazing and fascinating to read of something like a new world but then it’s still ours. Like it’s never too unrealistic or fantastical because it’s the place we live in! I haven’t been reading many of those recently but there was a point where that was all I read and in that time I found many books following some stereotypical plot lines which are just boring now.

1.The main character being a shy (most important), normal and ordinary high schooler realizing her abilities, instantly being great at it and saving the world.

This plot was new and surprising in one book and the other and even the one after that but then it just ended up becoming overused and unamusing. Plus the fact that it’s just totally un-realistic.

2. There’s a guy without whom she couldn’t do her best or save the world without and they’re in love.

Plus he’s devastatingly handsome and caring and also a wee bit arrogant & cocky but hey he wouldn’t be the heart throb otherwise. They’re also wary of each other in the start but what’s better than a hate to love relationship?

3. There’s a bigger institution working behind, maybe the government too or our characters are just an experiment

I think that as an idea, it’s pretty smart but not for every book, you know? It would be really interesting to just maybe read of something that has a higher and more complicated explanation or it is just what it is sort of a thing.

4.There’s a rebellion or revolution

Our sixteen year old inexperienced in the task protagonist and her handsome boyfriend are always on the top to fight and despite being young and not knowing their gifts, they’ll win.

I’ve heard many people call dystopian as a genre itself cliché but I think that it’s the repeating plots that make it so and not the genre itself. Nevertheless, I absolutely do love that genre.

What are some things that you find cliché?



14 thoughts on “Dystopian Cliches that I Hate

  1. I agree with you. After a while it becomes too cliched and ultimately boring. Writers have to find ways to change things up to keep the stories fresh. There actually aren’t that many “new” plots, but there are new ways of telling them. Avatar is basically the Pocahauntus story, but on the surface, you wouldn’t realize it. Writers of all genres need to bust paradigms.

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  2. You hit the nail on the head, so to speak! I’ve struggled with cliches in my own writing attempts (Three NaNoWriMos, so far!). I want to write something different, something that’s appealing to my readers, but it’s so difficult sometimes. The same thing goes for reading. I think cliches is part of the reason that I’m drawn to historical fiction more often than not – I go with what I know, haha!

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  3. I think the ‘evil organisation’ thing is fine if it’s done well, but quite often it isn’t. Actually a dystopia with a crippled, ineffectual bureaucracy that’s doing its best to help the people but just doesn’t have the resources might be more interesting at this point.

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