She did it again- tore my heart into pieces. I read Vicious last year and finally got around to picking Dean’s story and boy I loved it.

When Dean first saw Rosie, they had an attraction and connction at first sight with Dean’s cocky mouth and Rosie’s smart ass reply but before either of them could continue, Rosie’s older sister Emilia jumped on Dean- ready to date him and they did. Dean dated Emilia to protect her from the wrath of his best friend, Vicious who woukd not stop bullying her and Rosie pushed him to , to let her sister be cared for and have something good, but from the start they both knew that Dean was with the wrong sister.

So embarrassingly, I didn’t remember much of Vicious and the main fact that Emilia was the lead of Vicious (gosh I suck, I know) and hated her in the start of this book for coming in between my babies (also hoped for a lil drama in the future) but they kept referring to the past (Vicious) and made me remember all the small details, also she was so not bitchy but the sweetest sister to Rosie so I ended up loving her again.

But yes moving on, now years later- Rosie is living In an apartment complex in New York owned by your truly and now that she’s broken up with her nine month boyfriend, Dean is ready to put his moves on her and make her his after a decade of both living without their soul mate, make up for the hatred she has for him.

Dean comes off as a shallow rich playboy who’s drunk every night and has different girls over each time- who doesn’t give two shits about life and is just effortlessly a party guy but he Is so much more than that! He’s caring and compassionate and so passionate. He’s also so vulnerable and sad and way more than his easy fake smiles and easy going nature.

I love Rosie, despite her illness and being constantly let down by life, she holds her own and lives life freely and independently- she doesn’t let her illness decide how she’s going to live and I love that strength about her. She’s smart mouthed and puts Dean in his place all the time- she’s also loving and protective of who she loves, to the point that she sacrificed her one love so that her sister can be safe.

I love the connection that Dean and Rosie have and it isn’t just about physical chemistry or attraction- which is a lot, but also how they understand each other like no one ever has. Dean is the only person who doesn’t treat Rosie like she’s made of glass because of her illness but rather pushes her beyond her limits and Rosie is the only person who’s sees behind Dean’s cool demeanor to all the demons he holds and still loves him. Most of all, I adore how they’re just there for each other through hard times, no questions asked it’s that amazing thing of having the others back through ANYTHING (well unless they killed someone).

Such a heart warming and heart shattering book to read.



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