The Secret

I recently started Ransom which is the second book in the series which led me to re read The Secret which I read about the year ago and also find this review that I forgot to post so here you have it a year later.

The secret

-Julie Garwood

The scots and English have been rivals for years. They hate each other. Until one day a scot and an English meet each other at the festival on the border- and every year after that. Four year old Judith met five year old Frances Catherine one day and since that they, they have been each others best companion.

Raised by a barely present mother who hates her and her abusive alcoholic brother, told about how her father died before she was born, Judith has felt unwanted her whole life. Until one day she comes to know that her father isn’t dead- he is the Laird Maclean of Scotland.

When Frances Catherine is pregnant and she demands that her best friend is present there, against all rivalry – the four gloomy men including Frances Catherine’s husband’s older brother , who is also the new Laird of his Clan ends up at Judith’s doorsteps – in their rival country ,it’s all going to change.

I loved Judith, I was taken by her since the first page. She is quiet and shy but also stubborn and funny. She has the four unwelcoming men charmed and impressed by her and have them look at her in a different light. Especially Iain, the brooding scary warrior who has never been taken by anyone at first sight like Judith ( also the first contact they have is when he places her on his lap on the horse and it’s like a couple of pages in and I’m feeling the tension).

You know those chills that literally run through you when you read something so sweet, vie had so many of them I can’t count, holy.

I love love love Iain. He’s powerful and dominant and controlling and so protective and possessive. He’s also sweet and caring and loving aah.

I loved the story and the pace of it. Despite everything , Judith and Iain were definitely taken by each other weather they would accept it or not and Iain soon became her person which was just the sweetest to witness.

Judith basically got a new life coming to Scotland, a new family who accepted her slowly but lovingly. I love how Judith just came and changed everything, she bought a modernistic change in their home and in the society and I love it. She’s witty and bold but sweet and shy at the same time.

What I did find a little chiche many other guys falling in love with her or liking her but that didn’t matter much.

I also love all the side characters, Julie described then just perfectly, not enough to disturb Judith and Iain’s story but just perfect. It’s the family portrayal, just how close everyone’s friendship is and how everyone always had each others back.

I highly recommend you read this book.


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