Ransom (Highland’s Liards #2)



-Julie Garwood

Gillian witnessed the death of her mother and her brother and had to see her father murdered by Baron Alford and lost her sister while she was only under the tender age of ten. Now years later, she witnesses something that risks many lives and has to risk hers to go find her sister who is said not to be dead and is living with the Highlanders.

She gets Alec, Iain and Judith’s son to safety and then enlists the help of our Scottish liars, Iain, Ramsey Sinclair and Brodick Buchanan.

Years ago Brodick and Ramsey had gone to England to find themselves good English wives but after being tricked, they swore to never wed anyone but a highlander until well this English girl came along claiming to be Brodick’s wife and he had to make that true.

I love Brodick! He’s such an alpha male with a lighter side to him and he’s just so hot and passionate I love it. I adore how he looked after Gillian and treated her like she was a delicate girl sometimes and the other times he just gave her the strength of the world. Brodick apparently didn’t even find it as hard to deal with Gillian’s stubbornness and different thoughts as Iain and Alec had and it was a good change, I appreciate how he wasn’t an ass because of that (not that I would’ve minded that).

I have loved Julia’s girls and Gillian wasn’t any different. I was taken by her and her story from the start, she’s strong and loving and caring. She’s motherly and sweet and I was in awe of how she treated Alec, I absolutely loved their relationship.

Brodick and Judith’s relationship is pure and just natural , full of love and passion and chemistry. From the moment they met each other, they had this instant connection and trust which only grew deeper and deeper by day. Something that was really fun to read was how they both learnt to adjust to each other throughout the book.

It was a little weird for me to see Iain and Judith with their kids or maybe it was reading about them from a different POV and of years later but I got over it.

You need a friendship like Iain, Ramsey and Brocdick in your life because holy god these Liards may be some of the most respected and feared people but when they’ve together it’s like three teenage boys are having fun. And I love how they just help each other out in tricking other people, too funny.

Another thing I absolutely loved was how Brodick’s soilders instantly took a liking to Gillian and started treating her as their own personal queen, how freaking cute is that?

There’s a small part of the story dedicated to Ramsey and Bridget (I love her she’s so cool) and oh my that was the sweetest thing, I would’ve loved a book for them!

Goodreads:- http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/107776.Ransom



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