Left Drowning


Left Drowning

-Jessica Park

This book is a freaking emotional roller coaster- I knew when I found it in a top 10 list of books to make you bawl that it was going to break my heart but I still went ahead to read it (and I do not regret it). It’s the kind of book which has you siting there reading the acknowledgements and about the author and everything else because you just can’t stop reading.

For four years after her parents’ death, Blythe McGuire has lived like a ghost, cutting off contact with everyone who cared about her- not having a good relationship with her brother and being wasted and depressed all the time until this one day she decides to stay alcohol free, and that days a miracle for her. Her first day being back to almost a human being and she’s ambushed by this guy stealing her coffee and telling her about a girl he likes and proclaiming her his new friend. It doesn’t stop there for she meets his brother at an isolated beach who invoke feelings in her she thought only existed in books and made her believe in a connection at first sight as he taught her how to skip stones. Doesn’t stop there either because they have a sister for her to meet too or before Blythe knows, she’s been taken in as family by these four siblings and life starts going on the right track, but for how long?

Christopher Shepherd lives each day with a poker face, pretending that everything is alright and that life is okay but it wasn’t. Life wasn’t okay for any of the Shepherd siblings after their mother died and their father had a psychotic break. Throughout his life, Chris has been dealing with hardships and troublesome times and taken most of the brunt of it to protect his younger siblings from it. He might look okay to the world but he’s stopped feeling at this point until Blythe comes in and makes him living again, makes his life too real.

This story is just breathtakingly beautiful. It’s about life and love and just Blythe and Chris’ journey to finding themselves again. The have a real soul deep connection the first time they met and even though the both of them have acted on it, their relationship starts of gradually.

Blythe is such a strong heroine , I adore her. She’s changed so much by the end of the book that the person we seen in the start, totally shit faced and lost doesn’t seem like her. She’s loving and caring and passionate and anyone would be grateful to have her in their lives.

Chris, man he’s such a tortured hero its driving me crazy. And worst of all, we couldn’t see it! Not just Blythe, but even me as a reader couldn’t decipher just how lost and wounded he was under his cool and controlled exterior and I cried for him, gosh I cried so much for the both of them. Their connection is so deep and real, a soul deep connection that just the moment they met each other, they knew there could never be anyone else who touched each other like they did and there’s so much fate to it too. But yes on Chris, its been his instinct to protect everybody in his life but inside that all is a vulnerable man who just needs to be loved and that warms my heart so much. He’s so gentle and caring with Blythe and he along with his siblings end up just changing her life.

Lastly, I love their family. These two orphan (well kind of for the Shepherds) families with Chris, Sabin, Estelle, Eric, Zach (Eric’s BF), Blythe and James(Blythe’s brother) just come together and make one freaking mind blowing family of friends and couples, one most people would die for and even thinking about it is so heartwarming and is making me cry (especially the epilogue omg if anyone has read this, I need to talk to you).

The first half of the book was calm and building- more so content and then you’re just hit with this storm and it just kept hitting and hitting and hitting until I’m siting her sobbing. Its’ like one minute I’m normally reading it and the next moment my eyes are red and I’m bawling my eyes out because of the depth of their feelings and the intensity which makes you want to claw at something because its so f*ucking much. Like it went downhill and it kept getting worse and you’re just there like how did that happen? There was this part where despite the weather being hot, I had to switch off the fan because I have literal chills on my body. This book is going to shred your heart into pieces.

And join it back again.


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17325147-left-drowning

Song for the book: The Lumineers (album) by The Lumineers because Chris and Blythe loved them and I love them.


Also, I was listening to this Bollywood song just after reading this book and it fits so perfectly and makes you want to cry, so in case ya’ll wanna check that out too, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GndhsF2l7rA


10 thoughts on “Left Drowning

    1. Hey, thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it! And man nostalgia is just the most emotional thing ever haha. Did you read the sequel to this? I started it but I wasn’t too into it and I didn’t want to ruin the series so I’ve put it on hold RN.

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