Queen of Shadows

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Queen of Shadows

-Sarah J Maas

This review contains some spoilers so if you don’t want to be spoiled I suggest not reading further.

So, I loved A Court of Wings and Ruins but somewhere the writing just wasn’t Sarah and it kind of put a shadow on the series for me so when I started QoS, I was like well it’s gonna be awesome although I wasn’t really that much into it but Sarah blew my mind and reminded me why I love her books so much which this one, I give up.

I just want to be a part of this realm, I am dying for this group to just adopt me as one of their own in this fictional world because I love all of them and I adore how everyone in the book came together in the end.

The book starts with Aelin back in Rifthold conspiring with her old master to get Aedion, her cousin out of the king’s grasp and one by one before she knows she ends up doing something earth shattering and the journey to that is just..bloody.

I bloody love Aelin, I loved Cealena and I miss her sarcasm and sassiness but while Aelin literally being a whole different person, she’s badass and royal and just awesome. She’s loyal and loving and just someone you want on your side. I especially adore the side Rowan and Aedion bring in her and I love their trio. Fire heart, fire breathing bitch queen, queen of Terassen- I want to be her.

In Heir Of Fire, we see Aelin and Rowan become best of friends, their friendship being something to long for and that later blooms into the most heartwarming relationship. Many people are annoyed by them not having an only platonic relationship and I understand where that comes from but personally I believe that Rowan and Aelin are just each others soul mates and are made for each other. I love Rowan and I’m honestly lost for words here, he’s just always there for Aelin and later even Aedion. The most that I think I love about him is how carefree he can make Aelin and how they’re always having a fun banter and he’s just there for her, always.

I don’t get why people hate Chaol. I’m not going to deny that he was a jerk in the start of the book but I mean his world was also turned upside down all of a sudden which is not an easy thing for anyone so it was somewhat justified. Plus he got his redemption in the end and i.love.him.  I also died for his loyalty to Dorian and how much he loves him. Talking about him, my poor Dorian- the book was a torture seeing him like that but I’m glad of how it turned out.

Lastly, Lysandra- man I started liking her from the moment she stood up to Aelin and by the end of the book I was gushing over her. She’s loyal and fun and I have this deep urge to just hug her. Plus I’m glad Aelin has a true girl- friend now, she so deserves one. Like Nehemia was definitely there and she was a great friend but it always seemed more of a friends with benefits thing.

Manon blew my mind again, I mean she’s so bold and such a brat but she realizes everything in the end and does some good, but look I loved her even when she was a bitch. She’s cold hearted and ruthless but we start seeing a little softer side of her. Honestly i cant wait for her and Aelin to kick ass together.

The ending was so nostalgic for some reason too and I had red eyes and lost appetite but in a good way by the end, it was so full of hope but also sadness, I can’t wait to pick up Empire of Storms.

 What was your favorite part from the book?

Goodreads:- https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18006496-queen-of-shadows


9 thoughts on “Queen of Shadows

      1. Ohh yes.. it was just the kind of book that I love… action packed, great characters and unexpected plot developments…. I Love picturing this book on screen… 😍😍😍

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      2. I would feel the same way for most books but this one just makes me want to watch on screen though… but not a movie, a tv show.. well made with elaborate action sequences… 😊😊😊

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