‘’You can practically see it from here.




A new mind blowing movie by the favorite of all movie geeks, Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk is enough to give you a million butterflies In your stomach and leave you baffled.

Set in Dunkirk during the Second World War with a military disaster happening, it is a staggering movie of survival and will and victory.

In 1940, Germany invaded France and hundreds of British soldiers were sent to aid until they were pushed back into the English Channel by the Germans, on Dunkirk on the banks of France, surrounded by German soldiers.

There are three things happening at the same time in the movie, in the air, in the sea andDunkirk_Film_poster at the mole with people struggling to survive, an undying conviction to outlast- to help others survive and fighting selflessly for the good of their people. With that, this movie will keep you on your toes for 106 minutes. With the visual effects and a perfect cast,this movie talks you back in the middle of the vicious war.

One minute into the movie and we’re thrown in the middle of the war, blasts and fire and this intensity of the movie does not end for all the duration of the movie, so strong that leave alone bathroom or eating breaks. The thundering & fierce sound effects and barely any dialogue which makes it more like a classical silent film, we’re stuck in the seats- heart’s thumping and breathe stopping as the tension increases and un imaginable things keep happening. The movie is full of action and war, on land, on sea- there’s fire and there’s water, there’s bombs and there’s guns f64da21680786605490cfe2a624e483d--cinema-posters-movie-postersand there’s everything you can imagine and more.





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