Against All Odds


Against All Odds

-Angie McKeon

Holy shit, this book was INTENSE. I loved it.

Let me just get into the writing because this was one of the most captivating books ever. I remember getting this book a while ago but I was never in a mindset for heartbreak and I unknowingly (by that I mean just picked a random book on my kindle) started the book today and I was like three pages in when I realized it was this but I just couldn’t stop reading- I was sucked in from the first damn page.

Kylie has loved her husband, Cooper ever since she was sixteen and she was at the peak of her life- the happiest she’s ever been with everything she’s ever wanted, life was beautiful and they were going to start a new chapter in their life until life screwed them over and left them to pick up the pieces. Pieces which eventually tear them apart and Kylie and Cooper aren’t sure if they can make it.

Kylie has lived with grief and heartbreak and regret for the past two years, a ghost of a woman she was before, for letting the love of her life go, for not trying harder but she’s done with the games they’ve been playing. She’s going to get her husband back.. but she doesn’t know if her relationship is mendable anymore.

Cooper is such a tortured man and he’s stuck and doesn’t know how to get out. I liked him in the first half of the book and all the jealous and hurt feelings he made Kylie feel , I felt them too but I never connected to him until we got his PoV and that made me see him as something more than the person who pushes Kylie away, there’s so much more to him.

Now I didn’t necessarily connect to Kylie and a lot of the times her decisions just seemed to be stupid and weak and easy but it also made me understand how broken she really was and how much she needed Cooper. What she went through and is still going through is one of the toughest feelings and I didn’t realize how strong she was until I tried putting myself in her shoes.

Something else about this book which is different is the theme of their open marriage which I found so fascinating and interesting. I know many people were uncomfortable with that but in their case, we don’t see much of a marriage anyways until a while in the book and it perfectly portrayed how screwed up and torn their relationship and they themselves were, I think it suited their story very well. They loved each other and they weren’t ready to let go but they couldn’t also be there for each other. Plus I’m a sucker for drama and I love how jealous they made each other.

Then there’s Grayson, Cooper’s childhood best friend who was tired of seeing Kylie and Cooper destruct themselves and decides to be there for Kylie. He’s just sweet and so loving and he’s there for Kylie when her own husband wasn’t. I guiltily just skimmed through the chapters with him in the start cause I was so mad at him for getting in the middle and even though Kylie and Cooper were forever, he wasn’t just a casual hookup which I just had a feeling would end up in his heart breaking and more drama being created- I hated that he would be hurt . Halfway through the book we actually get an inert of his and Kylie’s relationship and how he’s been there for here and that’s when I started seeing him as a deeper person and his actual feelings for kylie, actually liked him and I hate how they hurt him and gosh my heart breaks for him. 

This book is just so enthralling and beautiful and heart shattering, I found my heart breaking with every chapter and I couldn’t stop reading even if the world ended in front of my eyes, it was like I was hypnotized. The plot is so unique and I applaud Angie for writing on having the balls to mention such a controversial topic.

This is a book I know will be out of most people’s comfort zones, it was that for me too but I do not regret reading this book and I sincerely hope neither will you cause this isn’t something to miss on.



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