The Bride

The Bride

-Julie Garwood

I’ve read my fair share of historical romances and enjoyed and liked most of those but there are some which just stick with you and a while ago I just remembered this plotline of a book I remember loving so much and turned myself mad trying to find the author and alas there she was, Julia Garwood. She made Judith and Iain one of my favorite couples and she’s done it again with Jamie and Alec.

The English and Scotts aren’t exactly in the best of terms so when Alec Kincaid is ordered by his king to marry one of the Jamison sisters, he isn’t the happiest but it wasn’t like a wife was of any importance to him. But as soon as he saw the youngest sister, he knew he wanted her.

Despite being the youngest daughter, Jamie was the mistress of her house and the mature sister who protected her older ones. Betrothed to someone else, the possibility of marrying this brutal Scott who was said to have killed his first wife didn’t even cross her mind but she was glad it be her than her weeping sisters and boldly married the enemy, dressed in a black gown for the funeral of her old life.

Although both hated each other, they couldn’t keep their constant bickers and comments away and kept jetting each other. For Alec, Jamie was the first person he met, let alone woman who wasn’t physically shook by his stern and angry face and even dared to talk back to him and yet seemed to amuse him and for Jamie, Alec was the first person she met who was just outright rude and commanding and she hated him, or wanted to but these love birds couldn’t keep their attraction away even for a whole day you guys.

And after that the story just keeps getting better and better after Jamie ends up winning the hearts of all of his people and changes their barbarian civilization to something more decent and just settling into this amazing family.

Jamie is our talented heroine who can speak Gaelic, ride a horse without a saddle- very properly , patch people up and use weapons.  I love Jamie, she’s so brave, independent and fearless. She’s also stubborn and arrogant, talks her mind and constantly makes people fall in love with her. I adore how she stands up to everyone and especially Alec- like that’s something of inspiration for a woman in those times because god guys were pieces of shits (minus Alec). There were times when her righteous and selflessness got to my nerves but only a couple of them. She cares about fashion too, she’s my favorite.

I love nothing more than freaking hulks who are just powerful and fighters and a Scottish laird especially from a historical era, Gosh he’s perfect Alec has my heart with his just right proportion of gentleness and strength. I love how he’s just amused by Jamie all the time and is just teasing her or riling her up and how much he adores and cares for her even though he won’t admit it.

I love their relationship which is made up on constant bickering and throwing commands which go unfollowed, undying passion and chemistry and pure simple love.

Jamie’s sisters were very annoying, the only thing they did was be afraid of every thing and cry cry cry, one of them even used her little sister as a shield against an attacker. The fact that the younger takes care of the older was instilled in them from birth but really?

Overall , I enjoyed this book and I adore this couple so much.


Rating: 4. 25 (precise enough?) /5


Song for the book: You & I by John Legend (Fernando Daniel)


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