-Penelope Douglas

Wow. Just wow, it can never do justice to how good this book was.

If you’re like me and took too late to pick this book up even after seeing it all over goodreads, get it now, I don’t get why I stupidly waited this long but you’ll get what I mean.

So, Tate and Jared were neighbors, childhood best friends, attached to the hips, each other’s one and only love, which suddenly changed one summer. Suddenly Tate wasn’t Jared’s best friend but his sole enemy, the one person who’s life he’d decided to make hell. He became Tate’s bully until Tate left to go to France for a year and when she came back, a stronger and bolder version of herself, everything changed.

Without doubt this book has two of the best protagonists. Tate is such a bold and sassy lead but not to an extreme limit. I love how she comes out of her shell, does something extreme and un expected and goes back in again. She’s fierce and loyal and loving, I love her character and I adore her character development throughout the book. Her relationship with her father is something so swoonworthy and I aodre that. I want her as my best friend please.

Talking about bffs, Jared is the bad boy you want to hate so much but you can’t because you know deep down he’s hurting and that there just is something, some reason for his actions. He’s a tortured anti- hero with so much love and devotion for Tate, it blows my mind. He’s secretive and moody and of course hella possessive and angry, all the qualities I love in a man.

The book has angst and jealousy, anger and frustration, love and heartbreak- every possible emotion you can think of. I did feel like the ending was a little bit rushed and something was missing but nothing to make me love this story any less. Its gut wrenching and heart breaking and I absolutely devoured it.



Song for the Book:


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