Into The Deep

Into the Deep

  • Samantha Young

Having read and loved Samantha’s On Dublin Street series years ago , I finally decided to pick this up and somehow Samantha managed to have me just as mesmerized and immersed in the story as I had in the earlier books.

Charley Redford was just like any other normal sixteen year old , living some what of a satisfied life with her parents and older sister until the new boy in town, Jake Caplin showed up and showed her what love is. Many people called it puppy love or young love but only they knew that what they had was the kind of love which lasted a lifetime. With an instant chemistry and attraction, they were a goner for each other. It didn’t take them much time to make their world revolve around the other, but it took even less for that to shatter. When after an awful incident, Jake and his family walked out of town with no prior notice, Charley is broken and shattered.

Just as she thinks she’s moving on four years later and going to Edinburg to study for a year, she ends up coming face to face with her past. Somehow being thrown into this friend circle because of her best friend and Jake’s best friend being attracted to each other, Charley and Jake are forced to spend time together. Eventually they end up becoming friends, which is hard due to their sexual tension and their past being the elephant in the room- and Jake’s new girlfriend.

Charley is a heroine you just can’t help but fall in love with. She’s sweet and smart and compassionate, she’s loyal and smart mouthed, having a quirky reply for everything. Also known as ‘supergirl’ after jumping in front of a car for her sister, Charley is just a sweet package of snide remarks and funniness.

Jake. I had to take a second to catch my breath and get rid of my googley eyes after typing that and I am not kidding. He is the perfect freaking man and as I’ve described him to all of my friends before swooning about him , to sum it up , he’s half alpha and half cassanova and damn me if that is not all that I need In a man. Of course the fact that he’s fully devoted to Charley and looks at her like there’s no one in the world and holds her neck possessively while he kisses her or always supports her back to his chest while having a conversation with someone etc etc ,help too. Did I mention at one point he was standing outside Charley’s door in a sweater and a scarf? I’m still dreaming about it.

Overall, their love story is just perfect and broken , the sweet kind of love which goes so deep and makes you believe in soul mates. Their chemistry and attraction is undeniable and I can guarantee you, they are gonna make your heart melt.

Talking on melting, let’s talk about heart breaking. Melissa, Jake’s girlfriend. The one he apparently loves, and it’s so hard to see them together. To top it all , she’s actually a sweet girl and in love with Jake so you can’t even hate her! And it was the same case with Charley but literally reading about them together literally made me want to throw things!

We also get to see the growing love between their best friends Claudia and Beck and I would love love love to read a book on them.

What do you think, can Charley and Jake find their way to each other before it’s too late?

Rating: 5/5 stars.

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