-L J Shen

Holy god of hotness, this book was too much to handle and as always L J Shen managed to have me stuck all day with my kindle in my hand, how could I put it away for mundane tasks?

This book was the epitome of raw with just this sizzling chemistry and fireworks.

One thing I have always been hesitant is an age gap romance and the most I’ve got myself to read is a ten year gap , in Scandalous, Trent is 33 while Edie Is 18 – which I thought would be a little weird to read but leave it to L J Shen to make that age gap nothing but hotness. Their relationship was somehow just sexier because of the age gap.

When I say man, Trent is all freaking man. He’s sexy and alpha and just so deep and intense. He didn’t say much, which is why everyone calls him mute but his stare is enough to make someone cry. The only person he loves and has a soft spot for is his daughter, Luna. After her mother left them when Luna was only one, Trent’s life has revolved around his daughter, trying to understand the whole parenting thing and to make matters harder, his daughter doesn’t utter a word- by choice.

Trent is an asshole, I love him. He’s rude and mean and just cold but as all the alphas we know, he’s also vulnerable and dedicated to what he wants- and he wants Edie.

Although she is just 18, Edie is much more mature than girls her age, growing up in a family with only fake love and a show of money, with her mother being mentally unstable and father giving her attention to only black mail her. But she is sunshine. Trying to cave a path for her own and get away from the life of money and appearances all the while trying to hold her family together.

Her and Trent’s relationship starts off with an argument, with hatred- hatred mixed with lust, a lust they know they can’t act on. But will they be able to keep their hands off each other?

The chemistry is just burning hot and every time they are around each other it’s like literal sparks going on, the sexual tension that gives you goosebumps and when they finally give in, holy mother of all gods it’s breath stealing. Trent and Edie are both toxic for each other but that doesn’t stop them.

It was just a treat reading about how their relationship evolves from hatred to friends with benefits with hatred and then just slowly despite their wishes, they find themselves falling for each other. We see that every time Trent Is an asshole to Edie and then he reveals something about himself as sort of a consolation and goes back to being an asshole again.  We see that when Edie finally opens up to someone and lets him support her. But there is also something she has holding her back from letting go of her family and the life she’s known, and maybe even Trent and Luna.

If you’re looking for a sexy, steamy, forbidden romance book, this is it for you.


Rating: 5/5 stars


21 thoughts on “Scandalous

  1. This sounds super steamy indeed!
    I personally don’t mind age gaps too much as long as it’s not above 20 years and they’re both legal. I think because women are supposed to be more mature than men, it makes sense for the guy to be older (just not too old, that’s weird and makes me think of daddy issues…). I feel it a bit more icky when the girl is the oldest in the relationship, especially a lot older.
    Glad to hear you loved this! I’m a fan of forbidden and kind of hate/love romance so this might be my thing 🙂
    Great review!

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    1. Yes I totally agree with you on both cases! Unless it’s like an old dude, I don’t mind age gaps- some times some of them really turn out to be effective relationships and even hot. And exactly as you said, girls are anyways more mature- so when she’s already older to the guy and more mature on top of it , I just don’t ship it- at all. Plus I’m more into them alpha male protective kind of guys so it’s just like ‘she’s ten years elder to you , she’s gonna be the one protecting’ you know even tho that may not be the case always, it’s still weird.
      Thank you! I feel like you’re thoughts match mine so lemme tell you, you’ll love this book haha.


      1. Hahaha awesome, glad to hear it! And yeah, I think one can draw the line at a certain age even if it’s still considered a minor. If it were real life, that’d be a different story and of course I’d be against it but it’s not 😀
        I feel the same way. I don’t need them to be protective alpha males as those can get quite toxic, but it’s nice to have someone with a strong will that looks out for the girl even if she doesn’t need it 🙂

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      2. Exactly!! I mean it’s not necessary that just because a guy is protective of his girlfriend; that the girl needs to be some oh so damsel in distress who can’t do anything without her dude- sometimes when these so called feminists act like a guy being some what of a macho for their girls is the worst thing that can happen for the girls self respect I get so mad like dude, seriously ?


      3. Yeah, I find it so ridiculous… Like, as long as the guy treats you right does it really matter? It’s only when his machoness gets too overbearing that I have a problem with it. Like, if a guy opens a door for me I find it really chilvarious and nice. I won’t go into a rant about how it ostracizes me and undermines my role as a woman. Dear God 😑

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