Padmaavat (movie review)


 Malik Muhammad Jayasi in his poem ‘Padmavat’, narrates the legend of Queen Padmavati, the wife of Ratan Singh- the ruler of Mewar. It talks of her beauty, fierceness, and loyalty and devoted love for her husband along with fearlessness and bravery. It talks of the Rajputs and their sense of honor and duty, their ethics and pride in being one. It talks of Alluddin Khilji, an ambitious ruler who has made his mission to have Padmavati after hearing the tales of her beauty. It portrays the unity of the kingdom- the men giving their lives and fighting for their people and their respect and the women along with Padmavati who self-immolated (jauhar) themselves in order to protect their virtue and honor from Alluddin Khilji.

Just like the previous Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies, Padmaavat is purely magnificent with the visual effects, the majestic beauty of Chittorgardh, the gorgeous and elegant dressing of Padmavati and just the overall portrayal of the kingdom and the royals backed up by the perfect background music and sound track, making you feel exactly what they want you to.

Deepkia Padukone who plays Padmavati has as usual managed to blow my mind with her acting, she perfectly immortalizes the queen and her fierceness. Ranveer Singh has done an absolutely tremendous job in playing Alluddin Khilji, he has possessed the character and been possessed by it. It makes you forget who he even is and his acting is so realistic, it will have you shrinking in your seat and feel disgust all over. Shahid Kapoor actually had me shook because I really did not expect him to be so good, he is the perfect portrayal of the proud and good Rajput king.

Even though the chances of portraying emotional connections are less since the characters are shown to be more proud and stoic, the thing that blows me is how much you could see from just their eyes, the love, the fear, the bravery and the honor.

The movie indeed was a little bit too long, but I am not complaining, I lived every second of it and the ending left me wanting more. Although I am a bit depressed by the concept of ‘ek that raja, ek thi rani, dono mile, khatam kahaani’ mainly because it makes me feel like all the struggle they went through was for nothing, but then again that’s just my opinion. Like it’s always fun to watch the story but in the end it feels like they did so much but still ended up losing their lives so what was it even worth ?


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