So according to Blair, she is the not so good looking and the disappointment unlike her twin sister who is a lingerie model, Ty begs to differ. Anyways so after having failed a year, Blair is determined not to let her family down again. So when she gets an assignment topic to write about the MMA, you bet she’s gonna bust her ass in a fighting club for research. Ok, my bad she was so not up for it. But hey she met Ty there so that makes up for it.

Almost a champion, Ty has ladies dying to be with him and men dying to keep their ladies away from him. He has the perfect bad boy image, bad boy demeanour and bad boy looks, well minus those dimples which make him look like Prince Charming. And he wants the girl who smart mouthed and threatened him even though she was barely half his size.

The romance is just adorable and lovely. I mean yes the chemistry is intense and it blew me in the starting. As their relationship kept developing, there were also a lot of sweet moments, totally the opposite of how we see Ty in the start of the book and I loved how he was a totally different person outside but the real him with Blair.

I loved the romance but it felt a bit less? I mean yes I’m always left wanting more but the book kind of ended really hastily and we didn’t get to see much of their relationship in the ending which I’m kind of bummed about.

With her sarcasm and sass, it’s impossible not to adore Blair. She’s genuine and sweet and caring and just awesome.

Ty, well apart from the awesomeness that is his body, Ty has a good heart, he’s devoted and possessive of Blair, trying his best not to screw up the first good girl in his life. But it’s pretty hard to do with the secret he has , a secret that could possible ruin their relationship, do you think their love is strong enough to defy the odds?

Rating : 4/5 stars

Good reads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/31138412-tyed


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