A different Way of Reading – Maybe Now


In my recent post on Colleen Hoover’s books, I mentioned the fact that she is currently writing a sequel to Maybe Someday on wattpad, it’s called Maybe Now and I never expected it to be THIS interesting.

So the way that this process goes is that Colleen uploads a new chapter, sometimes every day and at times it takes a bit longer. Not only does that anticipation makes the chapter much much sweeter when its actually posted but since you can only read one chapter at a time and you’re left with a long time to think about it, you actually start to analyze everything that happened and break it down and that’s such a refreshing thing than just reading it all in one go (which I usually do- and it’s not wrong).

Someone (I think Colleen herself but I’m not too sure) also mentioned how usually while reading books, you read them until everything is good and settled but with this , when you’re left with a cliffhanger- or not even honestly, you can actually understand how flawed the protagonists themselves are and yeah I know usually in books we see them being imperfect too but this is different. They aren’t the good kind of imperfect, we see them be selfish and mean , not necessarily making them bad- just human.

Colleen has also made a Facebook group for the same and that is without doubt one of the best things that’s happened to me so far this year. There are long discussions and breaking down the plots together, theories of where the book is going and mutual gushing. It’s such a fun and interactive way of reading! Every time after reading a chapter, I find myself going on the group to just discuss and share my thoughts on it and be baffled by how everyone interprets a chapter in their own way.

I feel like I have just stepped a leg further into the reading world and I would totally recommend for everyone who has read Maybe Someday to read this book, it’s not over yet.

Although be aware, after all Colleen is the god of cliffhangers. Every. Freaking. Chapter.

Bonus- there’s music! Literally from the book , by Griffin Peterson and it’s fantastic!

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