Mumbai Avengers

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Mumbai Avengers

  • S. Hussaun Zaidi and Gabriel Khan

Despite being an Indian, I have hardly ever read a book by an Indian author outside of schoolwork because I felt like there weren’t any good Indian authors and boy am I happy to be proven wrong. Mumbai Avengers is an action packed and fast paced story following a fantasy retribution for the 26/11 terrorist attacks on Mumbai.

Now a retired army Lt. Gen., Sayed Ali is determined to avenge India after the attacks and bring back it’s self-worth and glory and to do that, he makes his own perfect team including,- two of his best and tough army men – Vikrant and Brijesh, a tech expert- Laila, a quick witted policeman- Iqbal and a cerebral scientist- Ray.

Together the five of them hunt down the five criminals from Sweden to Istanbul, and from Singapore and Dubai to Pakistan itself, all the while being secretive from the Indian government and chased by the ISI and Pakistani army. They study each criminal and formulate a plan to murder them- that part of the book was brilliant. It was always interesting and intriguing to read about the smart ways in which they planned to murder the criminals without being caught.

There are quite some situations which are a bit unrealistic. At times, the murders of the criminals seemed a bit too easy , considering how ‘untouchable’ the big criminals are and the amount of security they have around them. Also some of the things that the agents did and the people they trusted just seemed a bit stupid for such big agents. But other than that, the book was action packed and so thrilling that you don’t realize when you’re finished with the book.

The ending was really bitter sweet but I’d say perfect. The book does a very satisfying job of the dream of revenge of all Indians and instilling a feeling of patriotism in the readers mind.

Rating- 4/5 stars


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