Buckled (Trials of Sin #2)

Buckled (Trials of Sin #2)

-Pam Godwin


I am a big sucker for romances which start off by betrayal but end up in love and they’re rare to find let me tell you. When I read about Maybe – and Jarret’s plan to distract her from Jake and Conor, my mind instantly went to ‘oh he has to end up falling in love with her’ , but I was genuinely not expecting that to actually happen and to get to read that- so when I came across the synopsis of Buckled, I was over joyed.

We see a lot of Jarret in Knotted- he is Jake’s twin brother -, really sweet and caring, and I remember taking an instant liking to him in Knotted. We see Jarret, Jake, Conor and Lorne being inseparable and like each other’s family. Jarret is someone who is also ready to do whatever it takes to protect his family and thus when Maybe, a journalist, comes in asking questions about Conor, he moves in to protect the pack’s secret. I had initially thought that Jarret would use romance as a way to distract Maybe from his brother but Maybe and Jarret had some sort of a love at first sight connection and, man Jarett did not waste time. Despite the risks involved, he knew he wanted a love like his brother- and he knew Maybe could be that for him.

Having always longed for a love like Conor and Jake, Jarret knew that Maybe was his Conor and he vowed to never let her go. He’s such an alpha male- protective, hella possessive,, short tempered and so so sexy. I love, in their relationship, how Maybe lets him over power her while at the same time having more power over him if that makes sense. Talking about Maybe, she’s amazing- such a sweet woman, she’s strong but also very vulnerable and hella brave and smart.

I did find some aspects or somethings that Jarett and, or Maybe did a bit ‘too’ perfect or unrealistic, which is something that you don’t feel in Pam’s books usually so I am a bit disappointed by that. The book also seemed to get over really fast and I don’t think I had enough of Jarret and Maybe to love them like I did Conor and Jake. Its not a bad book, I rather enjoyed it a lot but I will also say that this is by far, my least favorite Pam Godiwn book.

But I do totally adore their connection and chemistry. The writing was as usual captivating and I devoured this book in one reading. The story is dark, kinky and ectremelt sexy and the hate-love lust and their chemistry earth shattering.




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