Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald

Fantastic Beasts - The Crimes of Grindelwald Poster.png

Going into the movie, I’d heard my fair share of negative reviews but let me tell you, they’re all bullshit. This movie was so good, i’d say even better than the first Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in terms of mystery and tension.

The plot is just brilliant- it’s fantastic and really well thought through. I can’t even wrap my head around some of the mind blowing things that happen in this movie- climaxes that’s going to leave you shook, especially the ending. I haven’t heard a chorus of as many ‘shits’ in a movie theatre than I did after the ending.

The magic world is just as enormous and extraordinary, and we even get a glimpse into Hogwarts and Dumbledore then, trust me, they’ll be the happiest tears you’ve cried in a movie. There’s just something so exciting in seeing the past of some of the most famous Harry Potter characters.

Talking about characters, I feel bad to say this, but I think I might just like Newt a bit more than I do Harry- he’s so brilliant, and such a sweetheart and looks sexy as heck riding a cat dragon (?). Half the time I’ve spent adoring his cuteness, the other half wanting him as my husband. And his niffler and other magical beasts? Animals have never been any more adorable.

I also adored the videography and majesticity of every place that is shown. From Hogwarts, to a random street- to a thunderous day in Paris and the zoo inside Newt’s suitcase where he keeps all his beasts.. each and every one of these are aimed at making you feel like you’re in a magnificent (not that its actually not) and magical place.

Look, this is all over the place but I just love it and you need to go watch it if you haven’t.

4 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts and The Crimes of Grindelwald

  1. I really enjoyed this movie too 🙂 the one problem I had was that I thought it sort of ruined Queenie for me… SPOILER ALERT she seemed to succumb to Grindelwald incredibly easily even though she’s supposed to be a mind reader?

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