Dark Notes


Dark Notes

-Pam Godwin

You guys, this book was a pure ass sin and I loved every second of it. I knew it that when Pam Golding writes a student-teacher romance, she’s going to leave nothing out of it and man did she not.  I love forbidden story and a forbidden romance by Pam is all I need in my life. I loved this book so much, I practically devoured it. 

Ivory grows up in absolute poverty with a dead father, a junkie mother and an excuse of her brother,  She’s  had a tragic past- a dark childhood and man when she talked about it, I could feel the anguish and the agony in my body- that’s Pam. But despite everything that was wrong in her life, she was trying her mighty best and learning what she loves, the piano, in one of the most elite schools. While students drove around in cars, Ivory went around wearing a shirt too small on her but she was determined to make it.

Come in Emerick, our sexy kinky alpha male teacher. First of all , his holy name itself is sex, and let me tell you, out of all the millions of alpha males that I have read about, Emerick tops them all with his dominance and kinks , and his heart melting pure love and passion for Ivory.

Ivory and Emerick have this instant connection as soon as they meet and no one can deny that. Just one look, one touch- was enough for fireworks and damn me if I didn’t feel goosebumps while reading it. There’s such an undying and passionate chemistry between the both of them. And to add to it is the nine year age gap, making it way way hotter. Despite being seventeen, trust me when I say this , Ivory can pass for being as old as Emerick with her experiences and intellect. Never did it feel as though she was being taken advantage of.

I was a little concerned in the start when they met, mainly because Emerick’s presence is so dominating and could easily be over bearing- and I couldn’t see it going well with Ivory’s vulnerable past but god he became the most perfect thing for her and vice versa.

If you are looking for a forbidden or sexy romance, THIS IS IT! It’s not too dark but I love it.


Goodreads; https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/28435457-dark-notes


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