Samantha Towle

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So I’ve been in a bad book slump for the longest time and after two half read books in 2019, Ruin was the one which had me binge reading till late night and immediately picking it up the next day morning, and dear lord, this feels good. I’d read Revved by Samantha a few years ago and I remember loving the hell out of it, so as soon as I saw this boxer second chance romance, I jumped on to it and it was not a let down.

Cameron and Zeus were high school sweethearts, with that heartwarming love at first sight and beautiful four years- until Zeus was away for training and broke up with her, on the phone, and broke Cam’s heart forever. But it’s been five years now, when he comes across Cam- and his daughter, and he’s hell bent on not letting them go again.

This book was an actual treat, filled with passion and drama, especially Zeus being the sexy boxer alpha that he is. But he’s also such a sweetheart- especially with their daughter, I melted! There’s just something so damn sexy about such an alpha male being the sweetest with his girl. He’s also so loving and so passionate with Cam, doing everything and more to earn her trust and love back, and I love how he calls her ‘dove’, it’s too sweet.

Cam is such a headstrong female protagonist; she’s such a good mom and just basically a great human being. But even though the book is from her point of view and I enjoyed her story, I never felt like I connected with her as if we were one, which was a bit of a bummer but whatever.

 I wouldn’t say that this is one of the best romance books that I’ve read but I liked it nevertheless.

Rating: 3.5/5


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