Muse of Nightmares

Muse of Nightmares (Strange the Dreamer #2)

-Laini Taylor


Laini Taylor’s brain seems like a wonder filled place to be in because this book, you guys, was just mind blowing in every possible way. There’s just one word for Laini’s writing and her books and it is, purely ethereal. Just perfect.

This universe that she’s created is just magnificent in every way possible, it’s complex yet seems like a world from a faraway magical dream. That’s how i would describe this book, like a dream. The story she’s created is so beyond imagination and makes you forget you’re actually ‘reading’, it’s the epitome of being transported to another world. There’s something about Laini’s writing that is beyond describable but the sheer creativity, language, emotions mixed with magic is just perfection.

“She was a ghost and he was a god, and they kissed like they’d lost their dream and found it.”

It took me a while to get to this, and i didn’t remember much of Strange the Dreamer but the plot in this book picks up easily from the ending of Dreamer and it just takes us into an entirely different universe. I have been in a book slump for one too long, and the first 20-30% of the book is the story building so relatively slow, I thought I had moved on from fantasy, but then the plots in this book came unravelling and i read like the rest of it in one day and i have never been more mesmerised. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is one of my all time favourite books but i had forgotten the seamlessly easy magical world that Laini builds. The world building is beautifully done and we get to know and see all characters develop, including some new ones.

And i loved how it takes her just one chapter in some cases, a few in the others, to explain to us the past of these characters and then show the present. Especially in the cases of Nova and Kora, who are introduced in the book; and the way in which their stories collide with Lazlo, Sarai, Minya, Ruby & Sparrow and with Eril-Fane & Azreen, Thyon & his friends- and just the relationships they have with each other and themselves. I can not fathom. The story builds in different parts & from different perspectives, only to fall in place like pieces of a puzzle.

I don’t want to say much about the story and ruin it, because just going into it with no idea of the plot does the most justice to this book. But just know, there is magic, gods, A UNIVERSE, and a possible overlap with the DoSaB world!

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