Hi there, welcome to our blog 🙂

We are two girls with the moral age of seventeen but we living in the fictional world of books for far too long.

SInce we love books and can’t get enough of talking about books and recommending them, we thought it would be a cool idea to share our thoughts with the world. Hopefully even recommend someone a book they end up loving.
Our genres involve Romance, Fantasy , Science Fiction and Mystery & Thriller.



Hi, I’m Avi! I have been reading since as long as I could even if it was just Tinkle in second grade, I also love writing – English writing and literally just writing. I love drinking coffee, nothing can beat it. If I was left with any drink on the world, it’d be coffee (unless of course there’s no water, then it would have to be water). I hear any and all genres of music that catches my interest so I practically have a song for every mood. One of the songs that’s always stuck with me and I have chills every time I hear it is Shape of My Heart by The Backstreet Boys. I’m not a very sporty person but I love watching football. My favorite book genres are romance, fantasy and science fiction and I can never pick out a favorite book I don’t like many comedy TV shows  , I am more into mystery and tragedy , at times drama too. I am never bored honestly, I’m either reading, watching TV or coloring .I also am a big fan of Apple and basically anything and everything technology related. Sometimes I feel like I want to dress up and look cute even if I’m just at home and the other times, I attend my classes wearing track pants and tank tops , which is very weird. Another weird fact about me is that I am born with golden streaks in my black hair and neither of my parents have even a tint of gold. When I was younger, people used to give my parents funny looks cause they thought I’d colored my hair . One day , I hope to get many tattoos , belly button piercing and blue hair!



Hey guys! My name is Vishwa. I’m 16 years old but honestly reading books makes me feel all wise and old. I started reading when I was in 5th grade and one of my first books were The Mystery Series by Enid Blyton and there has been no going back ever since. I remember feeling so giddy when I used to go to bookstores with my mom and just raiding the whole store! My taste in reading has obviously evolved since then few of them being Romance, Mystery/Suspense, YA/NA Dystopia and the classics. One of my bookish hobbies is to give faces to the characters I read aka going to the depths of tumblr and pinterest to find a casting and honestly it’s turning out to be a lot more addictive than I thought. I also enjoy reading fanfics and theories on tumblr which help me get over my book hangovers. My dream is to have a massive library filled with signed hardbacks in my future house and also to live in any fictional world I might be reading (still working on this one though:D)

I don’t have any reading nooks so I usually read on my bedL. I am a sucker for strong female leads and also cute romances 😉 but I hate when authors use overused plot lines or clichés. My biggest pet peeve is perfect characters because I believe books with realistic characters are much more insightful and you can relate to them better. I like to think that I am pretty cool at containing my emotions…………haha jk I AM THE ABSOLUTE WORST. I get so excited when I read a book that gives me all kinds of feels that I start getting stares from everyone when they see me laughing or crying or just throwing my book across the bed which I can’t help. I’m an absolute nightmare to deal with when a book has affected me very deeply and I just go into another world where it’s only me and the book (so dramatic, I know!). So yeah that was a little about me and my book obsessions. I hope you aren’t tired of me just as yet because I plan to continue reading books and sharing my thoughts with you!



If you are an author or publisher interested in us reviewing your book, please leave us a message and we will respond as soon as possible. Even if it is not a part of our genres, we will be more than happy to give a shot to any other genre and post a review.

If you have any queries, be free to write to us at panicatthebookstoreblog@gmail.com